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 Fine Art Bird Prints Gallery

                                                    All framed prints are now supplied with non-reflective glass


Unless stated otherwise, framed prints are £70.00 and mounted prints are £35.00.  Prices exclude postage and packing.


I have shown below a selection of my most popular limited edition fine art prints with their prices (exc. postage and packing).

This gallery should not restrict your choice!  If there is another particular painting on my web site, which appeals to you, do let me know.  The only exception would be for commissions, which are identified in the notes attached to each original image within the various galleries of originals. 


My giclee prints are produced from images of the prescribed resolution and on archival, light fast, high quality paper.  I use professional series papers, currently either durable Signature Worthy, Velvet Fine Art, Cold Press Natural or Hot Press Bright, depending on the original painting style and backing medium.  These 100% cotton fibre papers feature an acid-free base with an elegant surface delivering the highest D-max and a wide colour gamut. The surface offers an antique and most impressive feel, maintaining excellent colour reproduction, highlight and shadow detail.   Overall you will enjoy the closest possible match to the original work with the finest tuning to the type of paper.     

The ink jet printer is designed to deliver professional quality photographs, with superb high-quality colour reproduction, making it even more refined for fine art prints.  It squirts microscopic dots of UltraChrome HD inks, providing exceptional reproduction images with deepest blacks and rich tones.   The nine different colour cartridges house pigment based inks and, it is claimed, have a longer life span, lasting from 100 to 200 years without significant fading, if properly cared for by the owner.   


I am confident you will not be disappointed with my prints, which can be produced on demand, provided my strict run of 25 is not exceeded.  If you wish to order, please e-mail through Contact Me

View the embedded image gallery online at: