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Woodbridge is a well healed, sailing based town on the upper reaches of the river Deben.

A stones’ throw from the Viking Sutton Hoo discovery and just a few miles to the North Sea coast, Woodbridge has good facilities and connections via road and rail to London 93 miles due South and Norwich, 51 miles due North. With new developments in tune with the history of the town, Woodbridge is a much-desired residential and working area. With about 8 pubs locally, numerous quality dining venues and a handful of sporting and sailing clubs, Woodbridge has a good social network for residents.

If you can’t find the property you’re looking for here, you could try other scenic South East Suffolk towns such as Framlingham, Southwold, Aldeburgh or Felixstowe.

Woodbridge History

With archaeological finds from the Neolithic Age, Roman occupation after the Boudica rebellion and Bretwalda, the most powerful king in England in the early 7th century buried at Sutton Hoo – across the River Deben – it’s safe to say the area is quite an historically special place.

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